My Sweet Girl


October 9, 2013 by aljakatz

I am so lucky to have a daughter who wants me to blog about her whenever I want.  Avery is always fun to be around and has the most infectious laugh anybody can ever have.  She has more energy than most and I just adore her.DSC_0124

Yesterday she gave me a ridiculous scare!  All day she was texting me from school telling me how awful she was feeling and that her body was sore from head-to-toe.  My husband and I both assumed it was soreness from her diving practice.

Avery plays multiple sports and does them all well.  She goes after every ball on the soccer field and is a little dynamo on the lacrosse field.  She learned 4 different dives in one practice and always tries her hardest to be a good player at whatever sport she is doing.  So when she wasn’t her usual self and didn’t want to walk much or move her arms, I knew something wasn’t normal.

photoBack to the non-stop texting.  Avery didn’t want to come home and Tylenol did nothing to touch the pain. We texted back and forth all day.  When I finally picked her from school, she was walking towards the car as if she was 90 years old, slowly and painfully.  It was unsettling to see.  Her doctor’s office recommended I take her to the Emergency Room. SCARY… but off we went.  Multiple hours waiting, an IV inserted and blood work drawn, we had a diagnosis – Post-Viral Myositis.  What the heck was that?

Apparently when my girl was sick 2 or 3 weeks ago, her body had an auto-immune response and her large muscle groups became inflammed and weakened.  She’s now on pretty large doses or Ibuprofen, tons of liquids and tons of rest. My poor, sweet girl should be feeling back to her energetic self within the week.

So even though teens can occasionally make you nuts, you adore them, cherish them and always want them to be themselves.  So glad my girl is going to be fine.  I’m lucky to have her!



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