October 6, 2013 by aljakatz

Every wife knows that her husband cannot be perfect everyday.  Yes, it’s true (even those newlyweds will experience an imperfect hubby occasionally).  With that, we also know that we need to accept their imperfections.  Let’s call them “imperfections” rather than “annoyances” or “I-want-to-strangle-you” statements or even “I-can’t-believe-said-that” kind of comments.

Today, my typically wonderful husband decided to be an idiot and piggy back on a rude comment that my teenager made to me.  We all accept and realize that teenagers say things as if they are spewing verbal diarrhea.

They do not think before they speak. Plus, we gave birth to them so we can forgive them pretty easily.  Husbands, however, do not have that excuse.  They are supposed to think before they speak.  They know better.  Teens don’t always know better; that’s why they have parents (or rather Moms) so that they can guide them to make good choices and say nice things.

As a result of my lack of being “lovey dovey” to my husband like I typically am, he joked that I should “blog” about how I feel.  Be careful what you wish for.  I am a blogger after all.  LOL! So, here’s how I’m feeling…

funny-marriage-husband-quote-300x206 Rottenecards_84173268_4tyqynqj88 Rottenecards_67526844_hy4rkc8dhs




Surprisingly, I do feel better now.  :)


  1. Adam says:

    happy to be an inspiration. you never told me that I was your muse….
    luv ya

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