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October 14, 2013 by aljakatz

So right now, this minute, I am home alone for the first time in 3 weeks.  No in-laws, no Mom, no hubby, and my kids just left to go watch a volleyball game at their school. afce308835a1465c1cf037d6140a146fAhhhhhh… can I get a woot woot!

Of course, I adore my family but it is pretty nice, at this very moment, not to hear anything.  I don’t hear a question, I’m not being asked to go anywhere or find anything, I peed alone and didn’t hear anyone call out to me for something, I’m not driving little people around and I AM LOVING IT!!


In honor of this momentous occasion, I decided to do a few things that I would never typically do.  Here’s my list (yes, a list; not 1 or 2 little things):

1. checked out my kids’ secret candy stash – nothing good

2. ate a piece of previously-cooked-and-now-cold tofu without any comments like “that is so gross, MOM!”

3. stepped on my bathroom scale… naked (unhappy reading)

4. tried on a few potential outfits in my closet (with no interruptions or judgements)

5. ate a small bowl of Doritos (again with no interruptions or judgements)

6. watched a DVR-taped last episode of Grey’s Anatomy – fantastic!

7. cleaned off my desk – granted not exciting but it was good for me

8. had a glass of chocolate Port – yum!

9. stepped back on the scale… naked (still unhappy)

10. put on my pajamas at 7pm (oh so freaking happily with nobody teasing me)

Fun 2 hours!  Can’t wait for the next time!  Happy Monday!



  1. amy cox says:

    So appreciate your blog!

  2. aljakatz says:

    Thanks, Amy!!!

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