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September 11, 2013 by aljakatz

Me on couchIt’s me, I’m back.  I didn’t really go anywhere just had a busy few weeks.  We have all been getting back to the new school routine here in our house.  I’m guessing most of you are doing that as well. It is not easy!  Just when you think you have it down, SLAM, a new change comes about and you need to find your ‘flexibility hat’ to once again accommodate your kids.  After these last 3 weeks, I think we have most of the kinks hammered out.

As some of you may recall, I am also writing for a local magazine here in Gainesville.  I’d prefer not to mention its name again because I am using a pen name for my articles.  Many of you have asked me why I chose to do that.  The truth is that I want to be able to write the truth.  I want to be able to write and not have my own children suffer any embarrassment because I may or may not be writing about them.  I know, I’m a nice Mom. LOL

The original 'Dear Abby'.

The original ‘Dear Abby’.

I’m super excited because I am also working on my own column in that magazine!  SO fantastic!!  I’m not sure when it will start but it’s basically a “Dear Abby” type column for parents of teenagers.  Can I get a ‘woot woot’? Eventually I may ask you all to help me out by sending me questions that you’d like answered about some aspect or scenario you have experienced while parenting.  You are welcome to comment or ask any questions here if you’d like too.

One last thing…  Today is September 11th and I wanted to, at least, mention that date.  I neverforgetdo not want to end on a sad note here but I do think it’s alright if we take a brief moment to just remember…

Today is as good a day as any to start something you’ve been putting off.  Or, begin a workout plan you keep saying that you are going to start.  Or, write that article or paper you keep saying you’re going to write.  Whatever it is that you’ve pushed aside, today is as good a day as any to start it.  People do not always get second chances.  Make the most of your day today!  I hope it’s an awesome one!



  1. Margaret Hayes says:

    So exciting…..

  2. aljakatz says:

    Thanks, Margaret! You’re so sweet to comment!

  3. Randye Notey says:

    your words found a home with me today
    thanks for taking the time to write them

  4. aljakatz says:

    I really appreciate you saying that. Thanks and have a great day!

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