Ahhh Weekends


September 15, 2013 by aljakatz

After sleeping in (woo hoo a whopping 8am), I realized how nice it is to just hang out at home on a Sunday.  It used to be that we would go from soccer game to soccer game out of town every weekend.  Ever since we moved here to Gainesville, my kids have played for their school teams rather than a private or community team.  As a result, they do not often have “away” games on the weekend.  I say that knowing that my daughter has an away swim meet coming up but at least it’s not as typical anymore.

Yesterday was a similar day for our family too.  My son and I hung out playing cards and the ever-popular Monopoly.  It was the first time we had played in so many years and it was just as fun as I remember it to be.  It really brought me back to playing board games with my sisters when we were younger.  Here is a fairly recent photo of my cute sisters and I.


Yesterday was also the perfect day to do a little cleaning, laundry and (yippee) writing!  I finished and sent off an article to the magazine I have been writing for.  Makes me happy! Happy me equals happy home!


  1. Maria says:

    Beautiful sisters. Enjoy your sundays and hope to share some of them with you.

  2. aljakatz says:

    Thank you, friend. :)

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