October 19, 2013 by aljakatz

So I’m a Pinterest addict.  Yes, I admit it.  I pin for fun and sometimes I get completely lost in it… especially when I’m looking for recipes.  While I’m not sure this topic is blog-worthy, it will give you a little insight into my madness.


I have 2 sides of me when it comes to recipe pinning.  I pin healthy ones that I figure I can test out on my family during any-given week.  Occasionally I find one that I admit to myself that I can only make when my kids are off in college.  It’s a recipe that may be more difficult or involved to make or just may not be something my kids would even consider eating.  It could be something with butternut squash or peas – you get the idea.

The other side of my recipe pinning is completely unhealthy and decadent and downright indulgent.  It’s the desserts that seem over-the-top or the cheese sauces on pasta that would take up my weekly calorie intake in one dish.

Being a Pinterest addict isn’t necessarily a horrible addiction to have.  It’s one that many of us nowadays share (you know who you are).

So thank you very much to the Pinterest inventors who, as a result of your creativity, can occasionally suck an hour of my day away without so much as a blink of the eye.  You have taunted me with not only your recipes but your fashion, DIY projects, books to read, home ideas, potential vacations and oh so much more.  Frankly, it’s exhausting!  LOL (thanks, guys!  I love you!)


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