October 21, 2013 by aljakatz

Usually I blog as if I was writing in a journal.  Sometimes I write with fragmented thoughts, sometimes silly topics.  Sometimes I complain about my kids or about parenting.  Then there are times when I just write.  It’s like stream of consciousness and I just let the words flow.

Here in Florida it is not so sunny and perhaps the gloom of the impending rain is making me feel downright BLAH.  So I decided to just write freely and this is what happened…


No words can be written,

No sounds are made aloud?

I struggled with your pain,

Much heavier than any shroud.

You are missed passed the sun.

You are missed after the rain.

Breath and body rest painless now,

No disease left to stain.

Use your healing gift for good.

One of our own is in need.

Cursed by the very same evils.

Your powers are beckoned indeed.

Shadow those that may appear

And offer energy that is pure.

Guide each step of her path.

No struggle must be endured.

Shelter by way of a blanket,

Covering from danger and fire.

Shine love and graceful mercy.

Spread light on all who require. 


I decided to use my blog today as a vehicle for my thoughts.  Hope you have a sunny day.  smiley-happy018


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