2 Weeks Plus News!


August 2, 2013 by aljakatz

Well it’s been two weeks since my last official blog.  (I feel like I’m making a confession.) Life has been a bit hectic… good, but hectic.  My hubby and I have been continually consumed with emptying the few remaining boxes from our move.  We all absolutely love our house!  :)

Earlier in the Summer we decided to go on a family trip up the East coast to visit some colleges for our son.  The plan was to mix college touring and a little sightseeing and fun. Mission accomplished!  We went to Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University.  Each school was approximately a 2-hour drive from one another and we ended up coming back to our last hometown, Charlottesville, Virginia.  We still have many friends there as well as my husband’s family so it makes for a great visit and a perfect way to end our Summer vacation.

While away, I received wonderful news.  I wrote an article about parenting teenagers (under the pen name, Bobbi Bloom) and it was just published!  The article can be found in the August/September issue of a local Gainesville magazine called Giggle Magazine.  The magazine focuses on all ages of children and on all aspects of parenting

Giggle Magazine, serving Alachua County. From conception to college.

The new issue just hit the stands!  I am really happy with the article and have decided to freelance write for them.  Here’s the link- http://www.gigglemag.com/articles/the-teen-tone-how-one-mother-handles-it/.  Would love to hear what you think of it!995955_10151732915197622_1426791713_n

Look for more articles in the near future!



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